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The terrorist attack in Tunis will not stop the World Social Forum

After the terrorist attackat the Bardo in Tunis, the 2015 World Social Forum declares that the Forum and all its activities are maintained

After the terrorist attack today at the Bardo Museum, next to the National Assembly, the 2015 World Social Forum organizing committee declares that the Forum and all its activities are maintained.

Through this attack, terrorist groups attempted to undermine the democratic transition Tunisia and the region are currently experiencing while creating a climate of fear amongst citizens who aspire to freedom, democracy and pacific participation in establishing democracy.

The quick response from the social movement and all the political bodies in Tunisia opposed to terrorism, calling upon unity to fight it, proves how tunisians care about their recent democratic experience. The social movement in Tunisia and the region counts on the global support of democratic forces to oppose violence and terrorism.

More than ever, the massive participation to the WSF (Tunis 24th-28th March 2015) will be the appropriate answer from all the peace and democratic forces towards a better, more fair and free world made of pacific co-existence.

The WSF organizing comittee calls upon all WSF members and participants to intensify their efforts in mobilizing and making this moment a success, allowing the victory of civic and pacific fight against terrorism and fanatism that threaten democracy, freedom, and tolerance.

For the 2015 Tunis WSF organizing comittee

Tunis, March 18th, 2015

The coordinator

Abderrahmane Hedhili


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