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Dakar, 4th day of the World Social Forum 2011

With hundreds of activities, meetings, workshops and demonstrations taking place, women have been central in many of the discussions, both as organisers and as voices for freedom, peace, gender and social justice:

  1. Naomi Klein writer and activist from Canada: In the Climate Justice area, Naomi Klein spoke about green economy and the financial mechanisims created in climate negotiations, which are affecting millions of people and are incomprehesible to most of them. The social forum represents the need for popular education, desperately urgent for the democratic process.

  2. Kouyate Djema- ass FESCSDA Senegal: Kouyate Djema says that through the WSF she learned a lot, was able to establish new contacts and partnerships, and has allowed to have knowledge about theproblems of women in Africa and in the world, from education for girls, sexual violence, to access to land and property.

  3. Melanie La Via Campesina: Woman is the major actress of development, especially when you look at the work of farmers. It is the same woman who toils the land who also has to nurish the population. Resources are not well divided between women and men. This is evident in agriculture, were it should be fairer.


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