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Algerische Karavane an Teilnahme am WSF 2013 in Tunis durch Algerische Grenzpolizei gehindert

(Pressemitteilung in englischer Sprache)

(Source: http://maghrebemergent.info/actualite/maghrebine/22548--la-caravane-algerienne-empechee-de-rallier-le-forum-social-de-tunis-reactions-indignees-.html)

Freedom of movement? - Algerians prevented from participating at the WSF in Tunis

On road towards the World Social Forum (WSF) taking place at Tunis from 26t - 30th March, the members of the Algerian caravan wanting to participate have been hindered to enter Tunisian territory by the Algerian border police. This behaviour has generated public outrage. The FFS (Front des forces socialistes) have declared this as a serious offense.

The situation at the Algerian border to Tunisia was tense, when the Algerian authorities refused to let the Algerian caravan cross the frontier. Stuck at the border post, the members of the caravan were still determined to continue in order to reach their destination Tunis for the WSF. The information obtained by Maghreb Emergent from some of the around 200 participants, composed of civil society actors and and human rights activists, confirm the refusal at the border by the Algerian police.

Selon Moumen Khelil, from the Ligue algérienne pour la défense des droits de l’homme (LADDH), as well as the delegates representing the Syndicat national autonome des personnels de l’administration publique (SNAPAP), were not allowed to pass the Algerian-Tunisian border at the post of Ras El Ayoun (Tébessa). «The officers of the border police argued that they have received instructions » he emphasises. Another information by M. Driss Mékidèche, a SNAPAP member confirmes that the interdiction of crossing the border « is not based on any ground ».

At Oum Tboul they were able to pass

After receiving the prohibition to enter Tunisian territory by the PAF agents of Ras el Ayoun  around 100 members of the caravan decided to try the border post of Sakiet Sidi Youcef on Monday afternoon. Again, the PAF agents refused the passage into Tunisia on the base of received instructions by the general administration. Another part of the caravan, which had chosen the border post of Oum T'boul was able to cross the lines of the border police. According to their testimonies, the delegation was able to get across the Algerian-Tunisian border, but their bus with which they had used to travel, was confiscated. The once at Ras el Ayoun remainded stuck, but did nt give up.

« We arrived at 3am (Monday, 25th March) at the border post of Ras el Ayoun. Our passports were taken by the offiers of the border police. We had to stay until 9am at an outside temperature of -5°C. Then, at 9am, the PAF agents came back with our passports to tell us that they had refused us  to leave the national territory. When we tried to understand the reason, the agents only told us that they were acting on the base of instructions they had received previously », statesHacène Ferhati, spokes peron of the collective SOS Disparus. « After a while, we left for the border post of Skiet Sidi Youcef, where they also issued us an interdiction to leave the territory for the same rason. ». Witnessing this coninued violation, M. Ferhati takes an ironic approach to the « good health » of human right in Algeria, declared by the president of the Commission nationale consultative de promotion et de protection des droits de l’homme (CNCPPDH), Me Farouk Ksentini.

A serious offense, accoding to the FFS

The Front des forces socialistes (FFS) reacted by giving a statement thorugh its national secretary, Youcef Aouchiche, commenting on the refusal for the caravan to leave Algerian territory, classifying this as a serious offense that violates the dignity and freedam of all Algerians. « The Front des forces socialistes decalres the act that prevented the young Algerians from participation in the world social forum at Tunis, that happens from the 26th till 30th March as a violation of the rights and freedom of our citizens. This act demonstrates, repeatedly, underlines the FFS representative, that  « the 'pouvoir algérien' is panicing regarding any act that may trigger 'democratic contagion' in the light of the latest developments in the region ».

Engish version translated by Johanna Heil
Original french version by Younès Rahmani from Maghreb Emergent
From Johanna Heil (write.to.johanna@gmail.com)


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