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"The World and US Social Forums: A Better World Is Possible and Necessary"

Buch über das Weltsozialforum und die regionalen US-amerikanischen Sozialforen

Book edited by Judith Blau, University of North Carolina and Marina Karides, Florida Atlantic University

July 2008
ISBN 978 90 04 16769 8
Hardback (viii, 248 pp.)
List price EUR 75.- / US$ 99.-

The WSF/USSF is an expression of the people's struggles to advance alternatives to the world-as-we-know-it. Since its first convening in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, it has captured the imagination of all who have come within its orbit and caught up by its vast and growing networks. It provides a large space for groups to mobilize, voice their oppression, exchange ideas, and express their desire for hope and another world. Central in the founding principles of the World Social Forum are: the advance of peoples' rights (including women's rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, the rights of minorities, the rights of peasant farmers, and, generally, the rights and dignity of all peoples now oppressed), participatory democracy, social and cultural pluralism, and the end of market tyranny. This volume captures the full range of topics dealing with the WSF/USSF. It is a fresh treatment of materials for the "insider" and provides ample background for someone who would like to attend.

Preface: Immanuel Wallerstein
Introduction: Marina Karides and Judith Blau

Part I. Social Forum Process: The USSF and Its Relation to the WSF
1. Marina Karides and Thomas Ponniah, In Defense of World Social Forum VII
2. Michael Guerrero, The US Social Forum: Building From the Bottom Up
3. Jackie Smith, Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum, Christopher Hausmann, New Politics Emerging at the US Social Forum
4. Walda Katz-Fishman and Jerome Scott, Another United States is Happening: Building Today?s Movement from the Bottom-up: The United States Social Forum and Beyond
5. Michal Osterweil, A Different (Kind of)Politics is Possible: Conflict and Problem(s) at the USSF

Part II. Debates and Social Thought: Highlighting the World Social Forum
6. Janet Conway, Reading Nairobi: Place, Space, and Difference at the 2007 World Social Forum
7. Peter Waterman, Is the World Social Forum the Privileged Space for Reinventing Labour as a Global Social Movement?
8. Stellan Vinthagen, Is the World Social Forum a Democratic Global Civil Society?
9. Chico Whitaker, Social Forums ? Challenges and New Perspectives

Part III. Bridging Activism and Academics
10. Patrick Bond, Reformist Reforms, Non-Reformist Reforms and Global Justice: Activist, NGO and Intellectual Challenges in the World Social Forum
11. Lyndi Hewitt, Feminists and the Forum: Is It Worth the Effort?
12. Mark Frezzo, Sociology, Human Rights, and the World Social Forum
13. Steven Sherman, Another Structure of Knowledge is Possible: The Social Forum Process and Academia
14. Eunice Sahle, World Social Forum: Re-imaging Development and the Global South Beyond the Neo-colonial Gaze

Judith Blau, PhD (1972) in Sociology, Northwestern University, is Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and president of the US chapter of Sociologists without Borders. She has published extensively in the area of human rights and is co-author of Human Rights: Beyond the Liberal Vision, Justice in the United States, Freedoms and Solidarities, and Two Logics: Globalization vs. Human Rights. She is journal editor of Societies Without Borders.

Marina Karides, PhD (2001) in Sociology, University of Georgia, is Associate Professor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. She has published multiple works on autonomous employment strategies, gender inequalities, and economic development ideologies. She is one of eleven co-authors of Global Democracies and the World Social Forums. She serves
as Sociologists without Borders' representative on the National Planning Committee of the USSF.

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The World and US Social Forums: A Better World Is Possible and Necessary

Edited by Judith Blau, University of North Carolina and Marina Karides, Florida Atlantic University


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