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  • 28.03.2013: Decolonising the WSF - Workshop at WSF Tunis 2013
    Video recording of the workshop 'Decolonising the WSF: a critical discussion of the production of knowledges within and about the social forum' held at the WSF in Tunis, 28 March 2013.

  • 02.02.2013: Re: World Social Forum: space or movement?
    A reply to Chico Whitaker's proposals for the future of the WSF. By Jasper Teunissen

  • 06.12.2012: World Social Forum: space or movement?
    Thinking about the WSF International Council future in new perspectives. By Chico Whitaker

  • 30.11.2012: World Social Forum - Critical Explorations
    Book edited by Jai Sen and Peter Waterman, published in 2012 by OpenWord, New Delhi / India

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